Welcome to Robotnik Summit XL’s documentation!

Summit XL is a robot developped by the spanish based company Robotnik. The robot is an outdoor robot with a 4x4 wheel drive and a 270º laser scanner and a front facing depth camera. The robot is used for survaillance and other outdoor tasks that require a sturdy wheel base with good manouverability. In addition the robot can be equipped with mecanum wheels to allow for indoor omnidirectional movement. The robot is based on ROS melodic.

For more information on the specifications of the robot, please refer to: Robotnik Website

Check out the Getting Started section for information on how to get the robot up and running.


This documentation is not supposed to replace the official documentation of the robot. It is supposed to be a complement to the official documentation including but not limited to the README.md files and manuals. The objective is to provide a more hands on approach to the robot.